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We can beat Alzheimer’s & Dementia

Hi, Tanya here!  Thank you so much for heading to my website.  I guess you’re here perhaps because you’ve seen me on television recently, and so you may be aware that I am currently playing ‘Rainie Cross’ in EastEnders.  What you may not be aware of is that I am committed to supporting Alzheimers charities to help the 850,000 people living with the disease and their carers. This year I am running my second Virgin London Marathon on 4th October 2020!

To read my story please visit my JustGiving page!

6 thoughts on “WELCOME

  1. Dear Tanya, I’m sorry to be so late on my praise of Pulling, but I’m an American and sought it out to see more of Sharon Horgan, who I loved in Catastrophe, and what happened?! I stumbled across you, perhaps one of the most brilliant actresses and comediennes ever! You stole every single frame you were in and left me gasping for breath, creating a character that is indelible and completely unique! I know that Pulling was expertly written and directly, and that Rebekah Staton and Sharon Horgan are incredible actresses, but your Karen is utterly legendary! I have watched the scene of you at “David’s funeral” literally 20 times now, hysterical with laughter each time, certain that I’m witnessing one of the greatest comedic scenes on television EVER! I wish that you’d work more in America, but most likely you wouldn’t be offered the creative things that you’re allowed in the UK. Nonetheless, I’m going to seek out absolutely everything you’ve done. As far as I’m concerned, you’re one of the most brilliant actresses out there today. If you can do comedy as perfectly as this, you can do absolutely anything!


  2. Many thanks for your lovely message Brian – I loved playing Karen, so it’s a treat to hear you enjoy watching ‘Pulling’ so much. I filmed ‘Liz and Dick’ in the US for Lifetime, and who knows what other opportunities will come up in the future States-side.
    Happy viewing with all that you manage to track down!
    All the best


    • mhulme15 on said:

      Hi Tanya
      Sorry Brian to jump on your post. Tanya sorry to ask a silly question are you the actual Tanya Franks as I have been on various sites which haven’t been you. Do you remember do remember mother goose pantomime in north wales many years ago?


  3. George B. Parous on said:

    Add me to the list of Americans who think you are a positively brilliant actress.


  4. John Voysey on said:

    19th. July – Excellent ep of Eastenders – looking forward to next ep


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